Heating with electrical panels that keep the rooms warm and at the same time offer security and tranquility during the night, without any pollution.
Log gas chimney that keeps you from having to buy firewood incurring into additional daily expenses.

Kitchen with oven and grill. No anafe.

Telephone with direct communication with the concierge.

Fully equipped bathroom with amenities, hair dryer and water heater of high recovery which, unlike the instant water heaters, it keeps a constant temperature. These have been placed in the outside of the cabins for your safety.

White high quality linen, treated in our own laundry that assures you maximum hygiene.

Traditional construction: our cabins aren’t prefabricated or wooded and have been built with special treatments on the ceiling, expanded polyurethane based and heavy aluminum carpentry to offer you an excellent thermic isolation and protection from the exterior winds.

Porsche to park your vehicle under roof. Individual barbecue for roasted beef.

Panoramic view from the Andean foothills in all of the bedrooms and the living room.


The resort is located in Las Carditas, in the Potrerillos area which has a water treatment plant ensuring clean water.

Surrounded paved roads that allows to go in and out the premises without inconvenience in a potential case of huge snowfalls. No need to use snow chains like you would have to if the roads weren’t paved.

The area is 25.000 sq ft surrounded by four streets that separate the resort. The cabins, located in the center, are isolated from traffic noises.

The cabins are set distanced from each other, providing independence to the guests.

Concierge to attend the needs and safety of the guests.

Reception of all cellphone signals (except Nextel) and internet WI-FI.

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